Industrial Water Engineering differentiates itself from other water treatment companies with a full service approach to water treatment. Industrial Water Engineering offers a drumless delivery program to eliminate the need for your staff to handle potentially hazardous chemicals. Our staff of water technologists works diligently to provide customers with the chemicals and equipment needed to keep their systems operating at their highest levels.

Panel Mounts

Industrial Water Engineering will design a program tailored to your specific site needs and restrictions.


Lab Services

Our state-of-the-art laboratory can provide complete analysis of mineral and water samples. Local support means faster solutions for your water treatment needs. In some cases, testing can be done on site to identify problems. In other cases, you need the level of troubleshooting expertise that Industrial Water Engineering's modern Laboratory Services provide. Our laboratory is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Drumless Delivery

Let our staff take care of your chemical needs. Our staff is trained in the proper handling, transfer and storage of chemicals.  IWE employees will monitor your inventory and make deliveries as needed to ensure you never run out of product.  This service minimizes your employees' exposure to potentially hazardous materials. 

Remote Monitoring

The purpose of our monitoring program is to provide tight control of the water
treatment systems to prevent scale and corrosion deposits. There are two parts to the
monitoring we offer our customers.
1. Test results that your staff or our service staff generate are loaded into our secure web site, This is a central location and provides email and text message alarms in the event a system is out of control. In addition, there are numerous reporting options available to allow review of how often tests are run, who ran the tests, and graphing of how well the systems are in control. When a report is generated, you will be notified by email.
2. Automatic Controllers are installed on cooling tower systems and steam boilers with access to the web via Ethernet or phone line.  If an automatic controller senses an alarm, it will email and text message alarm notification to our staff and/or your staff. Controllers have the capability to monitor makeup water quality and adjust the bleed set point of cooling towers as raw water quality changes.